Extra Virgin Oil


Extra virgin olive oil


LEOVERDE 100% organic extra virgin olive oil, Tuscan PGI, produced in the Montelattaia Estate, an area of ancient olive tradition. LeoVerde is characterized by a perfect balance between fruity, bitter and spicy, the result is an oil with a typically Tuscan intense flavour.

Proofs of the quality of our oil are: the extremely high content Biophenols (natural antioxidants) between 500 to 800 mg / kg, the abundant quontity of Tocopherols (Vitamin E), a very low acidity, that this year is equal to 0.16%, and no chemical residue. These characteristics allow our oil to be included among those FOODS recognized by the EFSA (European Food Safety Agency) as useful for the health of adults and children.

LeoVerde is an Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced in limited quantities by a selection of our 1800 olive trees, which we control, we grow in certified organic agriculture and we follow with care and dedication.

The lively taste and intense aroma are conferred by the combination of environmental and climatic characteristics, but it is also the result of careful processing of the precious raw material: our Tuscan olives.

LeoVerde Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with its fresh vegetal notes and hints of almonds and artichoke, enhances the flavours of the finest dishes in the best tradition of the Tuscan oils.

We are the first consumers of our oil for the health of our family!

Step by step how we make LeoVerde

In short, the production phases to create LeoVerde our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

  • Through the hand harvesting we secure the integrity of trees and olives.
  • Pressing the olives within a few hours of harvesting ensures the freshness and the fruity flavour of the product, avoiding as much as possible the oxidation process.Through the pressing phase the temperature never exceeds 27° C. This allows to preserve and further protect the chemical and physical characteristics that give the extra virgin olive oil its nutritional qualities and its benefits((Antioxidants, Vitamin E, Omega 3, Omega6)
  • The oil is stored in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature and atmosphere (without any contact with oxygen). This storage system fully protects the extra virgin olive oil characteristics. Therefore, when the oil is bottled it will have the same organoleptic characteristics as when it was just pressed.


The olive grove – The mowed grass is left at the feet of the olive trees and it gives the land precious nourishment. The trees are periodically clean and airy with light pruning. In spring the trees receive natural nutrients through the leaves and also Boron and Zinc to favour the transformation of olive flowers into fruits. We defend our olive grove from olive fly attack by organic warfare: pheromone traps and kaolin sprinkling on the fruit, but above all by collecting the olives very early, before the burst of the flies.

The harvest – In October it is decided, after observing the colour transformation of the olives (“veraison”), which olives varieties are ready for harvesting. This is the moment to through the big nets at the feet of our olive trees. Oxidation, the biggest enemy for quality oil, is lurking. Now it’s time to be quick: the olives fall on the nets by thrusting the branches, immediately collected and placed in the ventilated containers, that are taken to the nearby oil mill within a few hours.

The pressing – LeoVerde is milled at OL.MA. Ol.Ma uses the latest generation of Pieralisi pressing lines, some of which are exclusively dedicated to organic oil. We follow personally the milling process. This is another fundamental phase for the making of an excellent oil. After being defoliated and washed olives are crushed to form a bead. The oil extraction occurs through centrifugal decanter at a temperature that does not exceed 27 degrees. Each batch of oil will be tasted before moving on to its container.

Storage – the oil is filtered and stored at a controlled temperature (between 15 and 18 degrees) in stainless steel tanks, where, to avoid contact with oxygen, nitrogen is introduced. Oil of different cultivars or Cru are stored in separate tanks to give us the possibility to make particular blends.

The oil – LeoVerde comes from blending 40% Frantoio, 40% Leccino and the remaining 20% Moraiolo, Leccio del Corno, Maurino and Pendolino. It is subjected to external laboratory analysis to verify its organoleptic and residual characteristics. Preserved in its antioxidant containers, so to maintain when bottled the same organoleptic characteristics of when it was freshly pressed.

LeoVerde extra virgin olive oil,
Tuscan PGI Certification

The oil is then subjected to accurate chemical and organoleptic analysis carried out by specialized third-party laboratories to verify if it has the quality characteristic to receive the Tuscan PGI certification.


To bottle our extra virgin olive oil, we have chosen two solutions that reflect our philosophy: respect for the traditions and innovation, not forgetting practicality and elegance.

  • A 500 ml bottle, made of dark colour glass with an elegant and particular shape, which combines beauty and quality in a single product. The obscured glass protects the organoleptic characteristics of our extra virgin olive oil from one of the most dangerous elements: light. The beautiful shape, which clearly resembles a Bordeaux bottle, makes it an object that can be brought to an elegant dinner table or an alternative gift.
  • The 3 l. can, the traditional container that well protects oil from the light, combines practicality and convenience. Also for the tin can a careful research has been carried out in order to use the best product currently available on the market. The label was design by the famous artist Patrizia Medail, true artistic champion of the LeoVerde Extra Virgin Olive Oil project.

Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil PGI: organoleptic characteristics


Certifications: 100% ORGANIC, Authority – IT BIO 007 Operator P19T
Area: Maremma Toscana, in the historic Tenuta di Montelattaia, Roccastrada (Gr)
Altitude: 96 m.s.l.m.
Trees: 1800 olives trees of different ages (most are centenarians)
Olive tees variety: 40% Frantoio, 40% Leccino, 20% Moraiolo, Leccio del Corno, Maurino, Pendolino
Treatments: only natural treatments.
Harvest: manual harvest with pneumatic facilitators, period: beginning of October to the beginning of November.
Pressing: carried out within 6 hours from harvesting, with pressing line dedicated to organic oils.
Extraction: Centrifugal decanter, process temperature never exceeds 27° C
Storage: stainless steel tanks, in a controlled atmosphere (Nitrogen) and at a temperature between 15° – 18° C.
Production: 1.5 hl.
Acidity: 0.16 %
Bio phenols: over 500 mg (Antioxidants)
Tocopherols: 261 mg / kg (Vitamin E)
Profile: Colour – green with yellow shades; Flavour – fruity with leaf touch
Tasting notes: bitter and spicy with hints of artichoke and almonds.
Pairings: Roasted and grilled meats, Soups, Cooked legumes, Fresh salads and Crispy vegetables, delicious on toasted bread
Packaging: ½ litre dark glass bottle, with anti-topping cap; 3 litres can.
Storage: the best way to preserve the integrity of our oil is to keep it away from light and at a temperatures between 15 ° and 20 ° degrees.
-FLOS OLEI 2018- THE TOP 500- Guide to the world of extra virgin olive oil.
– Guide to Tuscany PDO and PGI oils
Awards: REGIONE TOSCANA: special mention “BIOFENOLI SELECTION” 2018

Olive Varieties
LeoVerde Extra Virgin Olive Oil



With a high and constant productivity and strong resistant to low winter temperature, Frantoio is our most abundant tree. It produces an oil of great value, green in colour, with a complex and elegant fruity taste of medium intensity, with hints of vegetable tones of thistle, artichoke and of fresh grass.


Cultivar with early ripening. With a perfect blending Leccino adds to LeoVerde the bitter and the spicy taste.


A tree that prefers hilly terrain. It gives small fruits but of high yield. The oil has an intense green colour with a hint of leafs and with typical and elegant woody notes. Definitely bitter and spicy. Very high content of polyphenols.

Leccio del corno

Cultivar that doesn’t suffer cold weather, late-ripening, olives don’t turn black in colour. The oil is quite fruity and spicy with bitter aftertaste, high content of polyphenols.


Excellent pollinator, resistant to cold, sweet and fruity oil.


Another excellent pollinator, high yield, oil appreciated for its organoleptic characteristics, with a delicate taste and hints of almond.

Tenuta di Montelattaia

Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil IGP

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feedback-ottimo-prodotti-tenuta-di-montellataiaBuongiorno Filippo, Sono soddisfatto per i riconoscimenti ottenuti per il vostro prodotto, li merita tutti. Sono riuscito a farlo conoscere bene in famiglia con un buon risultato, dato che l'ho fatto provare ad abbinare a svariate ricette, oltre che ad apprezzarlo singolarmente per il suo sapore deciso e avvolgente, che non necessita di altri condimenti accessori. Infatti, nella preparazione di bruschette si riesce ad apprezzare a pieno senza aggiunta di altro, come avete scritto nella vostra presentazione, confermo pienamente l'abbinamento su carni rosse cotte ai ferri, perfetto per valorizzare tagliate e piatti di bistecche alla fiorentina. Questa è la mia piccola recensione su questo oro verde, sono curioso di visitare il vostro sito internet quando sarà pronto.


"We have tried a large variety of oils over the years, and we have never come across anything like it! So be warned, once you had a taste of Montelattaia Olive Oil you have massively raised your benchmark and passed the point of return.

The oil has a subtle but very refined taste with a touch of spiciness, it has opened us to a new dimension of what olive oil can be about! At the same the taste is not intrusive or dominant and it therefore allows you to use it for a large variety of dishes such as salad all kinds of pasta and / or vegetables."

Daniel Scheven
Daniel SchevenEngland - August 2016

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